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If you have ever wondered about reclaiming your family mineral interests in Canada, we are here to help you discover that lost wealth.

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Families throughout the world, often Americans, are historically tied to Canada in many ways. As Canada became a nation, shares of her resource and mineral wealth were granted to settlers and their families. Over time, the descendants of these people relocated and settled internationally. Many of these settlers were American families. Some stayed in Canada, but many returned to the United States with ownership of these lands and mineral interests still in their family name.

If you feel that your family or ancestors ever owned mineral rights in Canada, Canadian Mineral Rights Locators can perform research right back to the original land grant. If a geneological link can be proven, you could be entitled to a share of that wealth hidden beneath the ground. It is in your interests to act now since, with recent geo-political events the world economy is changing to reflect a renewed interest in non-renewable resources.

Land and Mineral Rights ownership laws have recently been revised in western Canada (Land Titles Act 2000)

We offer you:
  • Accurate historical search results warranted accurate to title, to assist you in proving mineral ownership
  • All results (documentation as well as appraisal) are returned to you by secure mail or email to ensure confidentiality
  • A quick average project turn-around time
  • Low Cost: $30.00 U.S. Deposit. Hourly time charge will vary with project complexity and length of historical search

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